Sir Herbert Marshall and Rose ‘Angelus’ Player
 finished in White Polyester.


Steve Dibble
Pianola Restoration.

The windmotor regulator from the Angelus action undergoing reassembly after restoration of it’s component parts. A very different design to the more commonly seen Aeolian type.

Above, the windmotor sensibly screwed together with gaskets instead of being

glued and difficult to take apart.

Left and below, the ‘Melodant’ system removed from the piano with the treble restored and bass end still in original condition.

The 65 / 85 note spoolbox assembly showing dual spindles and a movable

blind covering the unused trackerbar holes.

These flanges are individually sprung to the pneumatic ‘open’ position

turning on its head the commonly held notion that pneumatic hinges should

remain unsprung. I have seen this several times on a variety of players

including a Hupfeld and an unidentified action in a

large upright Broadwood.

The continuous strip of pouch leather again.

The secondary valve arrangement.

And the stringing begins........

The Schwander piano action has these extra loops and springs running through the jacks for more efficient repetition. A fiddle to refit, calling for a crochet hook, headtorch and much patience!

The action and new strings refitted and ready for tuning and regulation.

The completed instrument ready for delivery.