Steve Dibble
Pianola Restoration.
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I worked as an antiques restorer for 25 years until 2003 mainly concentrating on 18th and 19th century furniture and will still undertake the occasional commission, though trade has dropped off dramatically since then. I decided to diversify into Pianolas after I was asked by a friend to restore an Autolean that had fallen into disrepair some 25 years ago.

Bolstered by  the success of that project and the pleasure that the refurbished Autolean gave people, young and old alike, I decided to look for more to restore. Apart from the Autolean, I have rebuilt many different makes including many Aeolians (Standard, Pedal and Electric Duo Arts), Higels, Steck 65 and 88 notes, an  American made Howerd, Hupfeld, Broadwood, Eastonola / Higels,  Dagmar / Aeolian, Rachals / Kastner, Crane / Higels, Chappell / Higels, Autopiano, Melville Clark ‘Apollo’ 58 note push up, Chicago built Starck, Cramer / Higel, Kimball Model F Spinet, Crane Autopiano, Broadwood / Higels, Broadwood 65 note push up, Rogers, Ronisch / Hupfeld Phonola, Ampico/Amphion.

 Based in Northamptonshire I am well placed to travel all over the UK and Eire if required, to view and estimate for repairs and rebuilds.