Steve Dibble Pianola Restoration Silverstone

Same Day Collection  / Delivery Service:


In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and make Pianolacare as efficient as possible I have decided to add this service to my schedule.

I often travel long distances throughout the UK mainland to view, assess, collect and deliver pianola actions for repair and restoration. One, and sometimes both legs of these journeys are undertaken with the van partially or completely empty which is a waste of both fuel and space.

On most days I will be available to carry out collections and deliveries at short notice.

I am online from 9am until 6pm including Saturdays and can be contacted even when on the road via handsfree phone, text or email. I will pick up messages left outside these hours.

Prices for jobs will be agreed prior to collection / delivery and will be in keeping with and often cheaper than the competition. I will normally be able to provide a quote instantly once a request has been received. I may need assistance with heavy or bulky items as I usually travel alone.

Payments are accepted in the following ways: Cash, Paypal (charges apply) Pingit and Online Transfer and will normally be requested  once the job has been accepted. Proof of delivery will be provided in all cases.

The vehicle is a ‘65 registered Renault Trafic Sport with the latest Euro 5 engine, suitable for use in Central London’s low emission zone and as economical as a lot of cars on the road today. Goods in Transit Insurance of up to £10,000  is provided. A higher level of insurance can be obtained for that special delivery if you let me know in good time.

For Future Planned Journeys:

Call Steve On 07801 859162 anytime.

Call: 07801 859162

Email: Click Here.



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