Set out below are a number of quotes kindly provided by customers who have used  my services over the years. The originals of these can be seen at my premises.

88 note Aeolian

“Steve is genuinely and inspiringly passionate about his work and painstakingly restored our battered family heirloom to its full glory. It sounds magnificent and is such a treat to have in the house. I would whole heartedly recommend him - the expert service was always friendly and prompt.”

R. Simms,      Nottingham..


“To find someone who advertised help for old pianolas was marvellous.   We are very fond of ours but it had been ailing for some time.   Steve came promptly and diagnosed the problem which fortunately was not terminal!   He was able to source replacement bits and got our 'animal' going again with good value for money.   It is wonderful to have it working so well.   Many thanks for a job well done!”

M. Barnard     Kenilworth.

To begin with, a few words from my mentor.......

“In the years that Steve and I have worked together on player pianos he has impressed me in two critical areas - attention to detail, and most importantly, performance. Player pianos must be airtight above all else and thus easy to pedal. Steve has developed rigorous testing methods that ensure that the original 1920s adage still holds true -

"So easy a child can play it!"

Roger Waring

The Pianola Workshop

88 note Aeolian

“Steve Dibble has given me excellent service. My daughter found his company online. After contacting Mr Dibble he came to the Lake District to advise me re: my old pianola..............We agreed it would be too expensive to repair so he found another one, fully overhauled it and delivered it to me  a few months later. I was very impressed - it was more compact and all 88 notes are functional and in tune.

I know I can call on Steve if any problems arise - a very good contact indeed.”

M. Hisom,    Arnside.

Melville Clarke 58 note  push up player

“The Melville Clarke Apollo piano player which you restored is being operated regularly on a varied collection of 58 note rolls. All the controls which make for a satisfying rendering of pieces on the Rogers baby grand instrument are operable.”

T. S. Acton,     Church Stretton

88 note Weber

“I have a Weber / Aeolian pianola built in 1919 which I acquired from a farm building in 1972. I did some “restoration” but it eventually became unplayable 20 years ago.

In a fit of enthusiasm I decided it might be brought back to life, which fortunately led to my meeting with Steve Dibble.

He delivered on everything he promised - time to rebuild,  quality of workmanship, price and performance when restored. He is enthusiastic, skilled and very competent and there are not many left who can do this work.”

D. Bates,     Church Stretton

Wilcox and White Angelus Player

“Six months ago when we were moving from one side of the country to the other, the removal firm found they could not lift our Marshall and Rose Angelus pianola.   Steve Dibble came to our rescue at very short notice and arranged to have it expertly removed - to his workshop in Silverstone where it underwent the refurbishment it had been needing for a long time.   It left us a shabby, out- of- tune,  ailing instrument.   Now, not only has our pianola been given a new lease of life, it is a pleasure to look at, a joy to play and a delight to hear - all thanks to Steve Dibble's expertise.”

“We are truly very grateful for all your help.   I'm sure it's time pianolas made a come back!”

R. Lucas,    Evesham


“I found Steve’s name on the internet. He soon discovered that the so-called restorer I had used previously had pretty much wrecked our pianola. Steve diagnosed the problems, took some parts away to his workshop and returned a few weeks later to restore the instrument to full working condition. We never expected to hear it again but are now delighted to have it functioning so well. I hope I am functioning as well when I am 85 years old.”

Dr. L. Atkinson,     Hertfordshire.

Steck ½ Duo Art

“I write to thank you for the work you have done on my Steck pianola and in particular the full restoration of the piano action.

It was a real joy to find someone local, easy to deal with and, in particular, expert on this intricate and complicated musical instrument.

I am both grateful for and entirely happy with the work you have done.”

D. Esau,    Bletchley.

Steck 65 note

“We were delighted when you fixed our Pianola, we and lots of other people have had fun playing it again.   I loved it when I was a child and still love it yet.  I will be happy to recommend your workmanship to anyone.”  

M. Armstrong,   Perth.

Kastner / Autopiano

“The restoration of our pianola has given us great joy.  For many years we have only been able to use the piano action, the pianola action being a distant memory.  Through being introduced to Steve we now have an instrument in better condition than in my youth.  We thank Steve most sincerely for his skill and kindness and his completion of the restoration in his workshop within the time-frame he stated.  His workmanship has been first class in  every way.”

C. Lucas,  Market Drayton.

Gotha Steck Duo Art

“It’s really interesting to see how the pianola has changed as you worked on it. You have done a super job. It is getting well polished and is looking beautiful”.....................................  “I am very pleased with the pianola. It has such a lovely tone too.  Thank you for all your hard work.”

H. Bell,  Chapel en le Frith.

Hopkinson Player

Thanks to Steve's good, efficient, painstaking work, my daughter and family now have a beautifully-restored pianola which is easy to operate without sounding mechanical.  A fair amount of work has been carried out by Steve and now the 88-note Hopkinson provides enjoyment for adults and children alike.

H. Attwood,  Surrey


Steve Dibble

Pianola Restoration

Nelson Player

Steve Dibble has restored my pianola carefully and expertly. He was diligent in his care of the instrument. I am very satisfied with the result, now giving pleasure to me and my partner, along with entertainment for visitors. The addition of the motor has added a new dimension... no more hard pedaling!

In addition I know that I can call on  Mr Dibble for advice if necessary, with regard to the operation and related things.

After some years of little to no use, it is a joy to hear it play again

M. Anderson, Taverham.

Dale, Forty

“I am the owner of Dale, Forty & Co. and was very intrigued, not to mention impressed by your restoration of one of our old Player Pianos……. Our manufacturing partners in Shanghai would also be fascinated by this instrument. Excellent work. It's great to see it!”

“Steve is now our Pianola restorer of choice. It's an art which is very much in danger of being lost forever.”

Colin Crawford.

Lipp Autopiano

This is just to say thank you again - the piano is playing really well now and I am very pleased with what you did.

M. Norman,  York.

Steck ½ Duo Art

“Steve Dibble recently examined and repaired my Steck Duo Art pianola which has been in my family since 1935. Soon after it came to me about 11 years ago I paid a considerable sum of money for it to be restored by a pianola restorer. Since then it has deteriorated to the point where many notes were not playing and most  tunes were unrecognisable. I contacted Steve who visited and played a test roll which showed several non playing notes and others that were ciphering due to suction leaks. Steve removed the stack, spoolbox and windmotor to his workshop where they were properly attended to. He also replaced some of the original rubber pipes and confirmed my suspicion that the previous restorer had done a poor job. On re-assembling the pianola all notes now play and it has been transformed. My pianola now plays better than ever thanks to Steve’s thorough and professional work.”

J. Jenner,    Woburn Sands.

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