Steve Dibble
Pianola Restoration.

I have a Steck 88 Note Pedal Electric Duo Art similar to that pictured below.

Partially restored.

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Dimensions:  58 3/4”L x 29 1/4”D x  50”H

Please contact me on 07801 859162 for more details and to arrange a viewing.

I will add to this page as and when more instruments become available.


Weber upright Duo Art, original electric 110 volt ‘Motora’ pump or new boxed turbine pump (very quiet) NO PEDALS, fully restored player and piano actions, lovely tone and casework is in good condition. An unusual layout for an English built player.

Appeared on stage at the Dorfman Theatre for six weeks in January and February 2018.

Two Steck Pedal Electric upright players.

The first, partially restored and in excellent playing order along with a new pump and transformer.

The second, complete but requiring restoration of the player and piano actions.

Complete with original 110v Motora pump.


Pedal Electric Duo Art uprights

Any conditon considered, I am willing to travel anywhere on the UK mainland to view.

For Sale as of October 2019


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Hupfeld Ronisch Phonola