Steve Dibble
Pianola Restoration.
Weber Duo Art


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Here are some ‘before and after’ pics of an unusual design of Expression Box from a Motora powered Weber Duo Art.

The three pictures above are of the spill valve which is located centrally on the back of this box.

These are the knife valves inside the regulators. There is no external adjustment outside the box so the theme shaft is set slightly more open to give one degree more than accompaniment.

Only two pouch valves instead of the more usual six and they have suffered insect damage.

These two pics show the box refitted with control for manually operating acompaniment and theme re-attached.

The box is rotated 90 degrees from the more usual side on  arrangement.

This one shows the usual windmotor regulator and play rewind valvebox and pneumatics but unusually a different rewind regulator and small reservoir.

This instrument appeared on stage in ‘John’ by Annie Baker at the Dorfman Theatre from January to early March 2018. k/shows/john